Learn more about the collective bargaining agreements of school districts across Oregon

Information = Smart Decisions

Most Oregonians don't know much about the collective bargaining agreements that establish the rules, roles and rights governing the teachers in their districts. These have important consequences for what schools can and cannot do - this information is essential to inform public dialogue about our schools.

Collective bargaining agreements may not always reflect actual practice. Many teachers and administrators go above and beyond what is required in their contract. However, these agreements drive district-level policy and costs, directly impacting the working conditions for teachers and the environment in which kids learn.

That's why Chalkboard Project created the Oregon Teacher Contract Database. It's an easy-to-use tool that lets you view the collective bargaining agreements of districts across Oregon and breaks down the complex documents into a user-friendly, web-based form. You can view information on a local school district and compare up to four districts.

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